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Manufacture Management

Put "Safe - Secure - Stabilization" first

Pyuru is located in rich nature environment.
We think here is the best location surrounded by fresh air and clear water to produce natural organic cosmetics.
We strive for producing products that don't harm the human and environment every day.
The delicate nature of cosmetics can result in even the slightest change in air temprature of humidity affecting the finished product. Constantly carrying out stable production of products requires a high degree of technical skill and solid experience. Here at Pyuru, our engineers are responsible for producing all of our product range, based on their ability to rapidly respond to any situation, and the high degree of proficiency they bring to our operations.

Making Cosmetics Content

Order raw materials
Order necessary raw materials and ingredients according to production date. These materials must be taken microorganism test and other necessary test. Also doing delivery date management.
Weight in
Based on manufacturing instruction, weight and mixed ingredients correctly.
In conformity with production process, making up content to meet quality standard as following manufacturing condition.
Check the formula. Doing this check at each process.
Check the condition
Inspection and control

Filling and Packaging

Air wash
Clean up the bottles.
Weight - in
After filling by machine, we check the quantity again by hand.
Tighten the cap
After temporary tightening, machine tightening, then we tighten the cap as checking by hand.
Print lot number
Covered with film
To protects, they are covered with film.
Pressure bonding
-- Visual confirmation of quality --
The most effective tool for detecting small debris, dirt, and defects in our product is the human eye. All of the products we supply to our customers have been visually checked and examined individually by our personnel.


Product arrangement
Shipping preparation