The quest for beauty has entered an unprecedented stage on a global scale.

We are looking for partners who will plan and develop new products that embrace our belief in Effective Clean Beauty or who want to launch and build a new brand.

The kind of talent Pyuru seeks

At Pyuru, we are looking for people with high potentials who can work with us to bring Pyuru to a new stage.

People who can think and act autonomously, have expertise in a certain area, and can exert leadership. People who can enjoy their work to the full and are flexible without being bound by existing frameworks.

People who can create something out of scratch.

What you can get at Pyuru is an exciting chance to tackle a challenge. We will not only develop existing brands but create new brands to reach customers worldwide. We are looking for people who are willing to work with us with passion and speed toward that goal.

Voices of employees

Pyuru offers an environment in which each employee can grow by building on their experiences and strengths.

Director of the Production Administrative Division Hitoshi Murakami

I have been in charge of overall research and development, production, and quality assurance since I joined Pyuru in midcareer in May 2020. I am taking on the challenge of developing unique technologies, continuous improvement, and quality enhancement, taking advantage of my experience in the cosmetics and food industries. Pyuru is a workplace where each employee can contribute by making the most of their ability and continue to grow with the company. You can feel that you are growing and changing for the better. Indeed, I delight in my everyday work, and I feel that my job is both challenging and rewarding.

Immerse yourself in various research and development to become a true specialist.

Research and Development Office, Production Administrative Division Kenji Tomita

I joined Pyuru after working in the research and development department of several cosmetics manufacturers. Pyuru has clearly defined job roles. I have been able to concentrate on research and development ever since I joined the company. I believe that this kind of environment where you can immerse yourself in research and development is important for you to become a true specialist. I think that it is also a great advantage to be able to engage in a wide variety of development projects because Pyuru develops both OEM and ODM products as well as own brand products.

Our strength lies in our out-of-the-box thinking and ability to come up with flexible proposals tailored to client needs all the way through.

OEM Sales Section, OEM Division Kohei Yamaguchi

I am originally from Tokyo, but I moved to Itoshima and joined Pyuru. Ever since I moved here, I’ve been enjoying the natural environment of Itoshima while working as a sales representative to support corporate clients who wish to contract us for OEM development of cosmetic products. Pyuru’s strength in OEM development lies in the breadth of expertise that we can offer. We can propose flexible solutions tailored to client needs by capitalizing on deep expertise and the relationships we have built with partner companies through past OEM and ODM development as well as our own product development. I think this is our distinct advantage.

Building the fan base of the brand and product through sales promotion based on teamwork

Sales Promotion Planning Section, Mail Order Sales Division Ayako Taya

I am engaged in marketing and customer relationship management in the mail order sales of our cosmetics and health food products. I am working to build the fan base of our brand and products. The various sections in the Mail Order Sales Division work in close communication and coordination with each other because the environment is open and friendly. We build and execute our sales plans on the basis of teamwork. There are more cases of new products and brands coming up. Here at Pyuru, if you come forward they’ll let you take on new responsibility, so there is plenty of opportunity for upskilling.

Take a customer-centered approach, and the results will come along

Customer Service Section, Mail-Order Sales Division Yuko Kimura

I have consistently worked at the call center since I joined the company. Presently, I am in charge of the customer service office. I do not get to see the faces of our customers because we communicate via the phone, but if I always take a customer-centered approach, good results can be obtained. I committed mistakes when I started this job, but my boss and colleagues would always be there to assist me. Because of my reliable colleagues, I feel confident. The evaluation system is transparent, and goals are made clear. Being able to trust the evaluation system is another key to a good workplace.

Recruitment information

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