Cases of OEM/ODM Partnership

Here, we will introduce our partnership with SANSHIN, who used our OEM and ODM service to develop products for “Dolci Bolle,” their skincare brand for babies.

Dolci Bolle

Brand operator

Company name
Head office
No. 21 Alpha Home, 2-13-10 Tachibana-cho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, 661-0025
Contact person
Kenta Koyago
Brand name
Dolci Bolle series
Baby soap, baby lotion, etc.
Company website
Brand website

The key for successful product development?

Since these are skincare products for babies, I wanted to develop products that were as mild and gentle as they could be on baby’s skin.
We started by developing a baby soap. In order to realize the ideals that Dolci Bolle seeks in a baby soap, we needed to be extremely careful about each and every ingredient included in the formula. We inquired Pyuru about all the ingredients and worked on it until we were confident that the formula would be very gentle even on baby’s skin.

Did you experience any challenges in the development process?

It was difficult to achieve the level of gentleness we were seeking because baby’s skin is much more sensitive and prone to irritation than adult’s skin.
At first, when we had fixed ideas about using certain ingredients, the prototypes turned out to be inadequate in terms of foaming properties or did not smell very pleasant. We needed to improve comfortability of use in addition to the best ingredients. Since Pyuru is a manufacturer committed to putting customers’ needs first without compromising ingredient quality or product efficacy, they were willing to make prototypes over and over again until all our requests were satisfied and we could achieve the ideals of Dolci Bolle. We are deeply satisfied with the final product.

Why did you choose Pyuru as your OEM partner?

Because Pyuru is deeply committed to product quality and takes a customer-centered approach.
I had strong feelings for the project as the product was our original product. Pyuru eagerly listened to my ideas and was devoted to fulling my needs to the very end. Pyuru supported us throughout the entire process. I think we were able to develop a final product that we can take pride in because we chose Pyuru as our partner.

Can you tell us what you are planning for the future?

We have steadily expanded our product portfolio starting from baby soap and baby skincare products to the Amanna series, for expecting and new mothers, and the Esena series for those with sensitive skin.
Not to mention further enhancement of such existing product series, we would like to also expand into the lower price range to offer products that are more accessible than our high-end Dolci Bolle products. Of course, in partnership with Pyuru!