Production system

We have a manufacturing facility with state-of-art equipment and a consistent production system in place so that we can meet the requests of our potential clients who are considering OEM/ODM development with us.

Production at our own factory

We deliver production efficiency and speed by performing the entire process from bulk manufacture to filling and packaging at our own factory equipped with state-of-art equipment. This is key to facilitating the entire development process from contracting to product delivery.

Basic information of our factory

The bulk manufacture room and filling chamber are supplied with clean air that has been filtered using a High Efficiency Particulate Matter (HEPA) Filter and kept under positive pressure to prevent entry of contaminants. There are eight units of bulk manufacturing equipment as well as five filling and packaging lines.

  1. Bulk (contents of cosmetics) manufacture
  2. Filling and packaging
  3. Shipment

Bulk (contents of cosmetics) manufacture

  • Storage and management of raw materials and materials

    We have introduced a state-of-art automated storage facility managed with computers. By introducing automated storage, we have improved storage space efficiency and have immediate access to the inventory quantity.

  • Measurement

    Based on the manufacturing instructions, raw materials are accurately weighed and recorded in manufacturing reports in order to check the measurement results and make sure measurements are carried out correctly. Purified water, however, is automatically measured with a flowmeter as it is used in large quantities.

  • Large-scale equipment

    Products such as lotion and cream can be manufactured in large lots as large-scale equipment are used for bulk manufacture.

  • Vacuum emulsifier

    Using vacuum emulsifiers for bulk manufacture allows for fine-textured cream free of air bubbles because the manufacturing process is carried out in vacuum.

  • Status check

    Check items are included in the manufacturing instructions and checked before moving on to the next step of the manufacturing process to verify the results of each step.

  • Bulk inspection and management

    The manufactured bulk are stored in a clean and temperature-controlled storage and inspected for their quality (condition, specific physical and chemical values, bacterial count). Only those that passed the quality inspection are used for filling.

Filling and packaging

  • Filling

    The appropriate filling machine is chosen according to the characteristics of the bulk and shape of the container. Automatic filling machines that can fill several containers at a time are used for production in larger scale.

  • Measurement

    After filling, the weight of the finished product is confirmed using an automatic weight checker.

  • Bottle capping

    An automatic capping machine applies the caps, but the final checking is performed manually.

  • Lot number printing and shrink wrapping

    A lot number is specified and clearly printed on the container according to the customer’s specifications. We can also apply shrink wrap based on your requests.

  • Product inspection and packaging

    The appearance of the final product is thoroughly inspected for scratches, dirt, and other problems through visual inspection, and only then is the product carefully packaged for shipment.


  • Preparation for shipment

    Specified number of cartons of final products is kept on a pallet in the storage until the inspection results have been confirmed.