Here we set out Pyuru’s principles of manufacturing and the development strengths that underpin these principles.

Pyuru’s Development Principles

Effective Clean Beauty

  • We use ingredients that are kind to both the body and the environment.
  • We value scientific evidence.

  • We listen to what our customers tell us and engage with them on a continuing basis.

  • We operate across different countries, settings, and cultures, ensuring full localization.

We want to supply our customers with products that are not only kind to the body and the environment, but are also genuinely effective. It was this commitment that led us to our Effective Clean Beauty principles. Clean Beauty refers to cosmetics designed with consideration for the environment and for animals. Such cosmetics use ingredients that are gentle on the skin and body, and raw materials of natural origins. However, even before we coined the phrase “Effective Clean Beauty,” our manufacturing was focused on being kind to both people and the natural environment. For over 20 years we have avoided certain ingredients officially designated as potentially allergenic, have employed an environmentally friendly manufacturing system, and have incorporated traditional Japanese plant extracts, such as kelp harvested in the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, into our products. In addition, we place emphasis on scientifically verifying that products are effective and are committed to ensuring that customers genuinely experience the benefits of our cosmetics for themselves. As it develops new cosmetics, Pyuru will continue to be guided by its own original Effective Clean Beauty principles, aiming to provide its customers with products that give them even greater pleasure.

The Development Capabilities Underpinning
Pyuru’s Effective Clean Beauty Principles

Pyuru proposes better plans for new products by leveraging the knowledge and data acquired through its many years of D2C (direct-to-consumer) business, along with its track record of product planning and development capabilities in the OEM and ODM businesses, as well as the scientific evidence obtained from its collaboration with Kyushu University and external bodies. The resulting new products can be manufactured in Pyuru’s own cosmetics factory and marketed with the help of sales support that also extends overseas. Product planning and development capabilities, scientific evidence, in-house assets, and full support network overseas—our Effective Clean Beauty development principles are underpinned by a robust product development infrastructure that penetrates everything we do.

Product Planning & Development Capabilities

We offer product planning and development proposals that anticipate as far ahead as the distribution stage. We can do this because, during the product planning process, we draw on our wealth of know-how built up over many years of OEM and ODM development of cosmetics and quasi-pharmaceutical products, as well as the knowledge acquired through our D2C business. According to our clients’ needs, we propose products that meet our stringent in-house standards for achieving the Effective Clean Beauty principles in every area, from ingredients and efficacy to containers.

Scientific Evidence

Since Pyuru’s founding our product development has been based on supporting data, including acquisition of patents, validation of results by external examining bodies, and implementation of large-scale monitoring trials. Looking ahead, we intend to develop products with an even greater emphasis on the end user’s personal experience. To that end, we will leverage our setup for joint research and development with universities and specialized external institutions to pursue activities including development of novel ingredients and fragrances, and measurement of effects and efficacy for individual ingredients and products.

In-House Assets

Benefitting from the abundant natural environment of Itoshima and the company garden that is the wellspring of our product development, we are dedicated to improving our setup for developing ingredients and products that are kind to both the body and the environment. This is how we manufacture in a way that reflects our Effective Clean Beauty principles. Furthermore, we have developed a production system compliant with the Ecocert COSMOS ORGANIC certification standard, which enables us to manufacture organic cosmetics. We can also handle large-lot production, and have installed large, high-performance equipment for that purpose.

Full Support Outside Japan

Leveraging experience of marketing our own-brand products overseas, we offer a wide range of support for overseas marketing of our customers’ products. The full support we can offer includes ingredient licensing checks to enable localized product planning, help with local market research such as consumer demand surveys, assistance with acquiring overseas markets including cross-border electronic commerce, and support for advertising and PR.