• Our Brands

Our Brands

Pyuru is engaged with customers via original brands. Direct feedback from our customers are essential to brush up our "Effective Clean Beauty" philosophy and products.
In other words, our brand is raised by our precious customers.

Natural Club Sastty

Sastty's mission is to realize true skin and hair beauty through additive-free products.
As age increases, skin and hair tends to become delicate.
We insist on providing additive-free qualitied products for delicate skin and hair,as they are items that affects your beauty every day.
Natural Club Sastty supports your life through.
Rishiri hair color products, skin care items and health care supplements.
Sastty is also a step for a sustainable lifestyle.

Beauty hides inside
- key to beauty.

Whenever you start exploring your beauty, your choice for addition begins.
Take a little moment to stop and look inside you.
There you can find the beauty hiding inside you, that has grown along with your age.
HIK is a key to open and flourish your beauty that is already inside you.

Farm to Skin

Like it or not, "new normal" has totally changed our lifestyle.
Wearing masks under stressful environment, your skin is also facing a big stress.
LIHAW was created to support sensitive skins that is suffering with the "new normal".
LIHAW contains herbal CICA extract to prevent rough skin and ceramide to protect your skin with a moisture barrier.
The big bottle enables you to use LIHAW as much as your skin desires.
LIHAW is a "new normal" for sensitive skin born from the new normal lifestyle.