• OEM/ODM Development

OEM/ODM Product Development

This guide will show you through the steps of how an OEM product is developed, from the first consultation to product completion, based on actual OEM partnership cases. Please consider this as a simplified flow because in actual partnerships we will make various proposals to tailor the product to your needs.

  1. Planning
  2. Contact
  3. Prototyping
  4. Quotation request
  5. Contract/order
  6. Product delivery
  7. Follow-up


What kind of product do you have in mind? Prior to contacting us, put together a plan or specific ideas about the desired product concept and lineup as well as why you wanted to develop a new product.


Tell us the concept of the product you want to develop. It makes it easier to understand the direction of the product development if you could show us some reference products or materials that convey the desired image. You may have a certain raw material at hand, but you are not really sure of what you can produce with that raw material. Please feel free to consult us if you have any specific raw material in mind that you would like to use in your product. We will propose the appropriate items to produce.


Together, we will confirm the product concept and move onto product development. We will provide prototypes for free up to 3 times. Please try the prototype yourself to test the texture, fragrance, and usability. Feel free to point out whatever needs to be improved or changed.

Quotation request

Specify the desired product size, production volume, and material specifications. We run orders from a minimum of 3,000 units per product. Depending on the type of product, however, the minimum production volume may be specified otherwise. Please consult us about the production volume and associated costs.


The product name and package design will be finalized after signing the contract. Pyuru will take responsibility for the licensing and application procedures necessary for the manufacture and marketing of cosmetics. There are also certain rules and regulations applicable to product names and package designs. Please consult our service representative if there is anything unclear. Following the completion of all necessary application procedures, we will manufacture your product under rigorous manufacturing and quality control and deliver it on time to meet your target date.

Product delivery

Products will be manufactured and quality inspected in a consistent manner based on specific production standards set for each product. Manufactured and inspected with care, each product will be packaged and shipped to your warehouse or elsewhere according to your convenience. We also provide thorough follow-up services after product delivery.


According to the sales situation (progress in sales and repeat order trends), our sales representatives will offer extensive support such as ideas for product renewals, new product proposals to enhance your portfolio, and marketing advice. We provide one-stop services such as market analysis, establishment of sales channels including those overseas, advertisements, and PR strategy building.