This page is an introduction to our company, PYURU CO., LTD.
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We believe that the pursuit of beauty is an essential part of human nature. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, gender, or region of origin, can shine with both inner and outer beauty, and strive to develop products that prove our belief to our customers worldwide.

We are committed to meeting diverse needs and being responsible for the environment at the same time. We consider that the beauty and sustainability of the society we live in is crucial for the essential human endeavor of drawing out the original beauty of every person. Based on this belief, we will fulfill our responsibilities to the society and the environment.

According to our mission and vision, we will prove the efficacy of our products based on scientific evidence to realize products that will make all our customers happy. We develop products tailored to the local environment and lifestyles to make our products useful to each and every customer in the world. And we are always sustainability-conscious in the process.

This is our attitude toward product development and the essence of our message of Effective Clean Beauty.

Ichiro Inoue