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What's OEM

Specialist as a Organic Cosmetic OEM Company

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) refers to companies who undertake a range of business services on behalf of specific brands in planning, developing, and manufacturing products for sale under the company's particular brands. Pyuru is a specialist organic cosmetic OEM that provides our customers with the comprehensive support, they require through the supply of a range of products and services, from planning and development, to manufacturing, sales and pharmaceutical affairs.
By providing our partner companies with cosmetic products and services with add value, we act as a stragic partner and aim to be an indispensable factor.

Please feel fre to consult us about OEM.
We will try to accommodate your request like :

  • Want to make original cosmetics.
  • Want to make only one item.
  • Want to meke ooo unit.
  • Want to make within ooo yen limit.
  • Want to design cosmetics for my shop ambience, etc.

Product Lineup

Basic Skin Care Any tyke of cleanser, face wash, lotion, essence, face pack, cream, gel, and UV essence etc.
Hair Care Any type of shampoo, conditioner, treatment, scalp care, and gray hair dye etc.
Body Care Any type of body lotion, body cream, massage cream, hand cream, bath powder etc.
Make up Any type of foundation etc.
Dietary Supplement Any type of health food and dietary supplement.
ex. Collagen drink, AOJIRU(green juice), Energy drink, and Vitamin tablet etc.
Other Items Detergent, Make puff, and Shampoo for pets etc