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About Us

Beautiful products are born in beautiful surroundings.

Pyuru is a specialist natural organic cosmetic OEM company where surrounding by rich nature. We produce from planning, development,manufacturing, to production.
We have a technique to be extracted ingredient from your request material, then make your new brand as cosmetic.

The only OEM producing company in Kyusyu

Pyuru is the only cosmetic company taking consistant system from planning, development, manufacturing in own factory.
As a pioneer of local company, we have supported from many companies throughout the company.

Easy to start individual client with minority production

It is possible to make from small lot for individual client with detailed production planning.

Prompt Action

Based on our experience, we produce your requested product quickly and accurately.
We are confident in speed of delivery date.

Persistence to organic cosmetics

We have investigated organic cosmetics which is gentle for nature and human ever.
Human has original beauty and nature bring out it.