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Proposal product and promotion

The factory that your thought can be shaped

Pyuru is a specialist organic cosmetic OEM that provides our customers with comprehensive support they require through the supply of a range products and services.
We put our all into producing your original cosmetics.

Speed is Everything

For the products, it is important to do not miss timing and chances that products have. We try to do polite suggestion as informing you new ingredient, new idea, best ingredient, and news hook product etc.

Work with our laboratory support

It is an important mission to propose product that you satisfy within limited time on the product development.
Constantly carring stable production of products require a high degree of technical skill and solid experience. Our engineers are responsible for producing all our product range, based on their ability to rapidly respond to any situation, and the high degree of proficiency they bring to our operations.

Actively participate in the seminar and exhibition

Because there might be new information like new material, technology and facility, we actively participate in the cosmetic seminar and exhibition to collect informations.
We think that idea from exchanging information is valuable to research new products.