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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
[Q 1] How long does it take to be product commercialization?
[A 1] Following determination
[Q 2] Do you have a minimum order requirement?
[A 2] We generally require a minimum lot order of 500 units.
Dependaut on over all cost, please contact us in the event of having smaller requirements.
[Q 3] What should we make preparations at first meeting?
[A 3] It will be helpful to prepare some merchandise samples.
If you would like to use our ingredients base, we will prepare them.
[Q 4] Can you combine our requested ingredients?
[A 4] Yes, we can provide you with combinations that are safe and secure.
[Q 5] How much do your services cost?
[A 5] Costs are dependaut on a range of different factors, including product specifications and lot size, and we can provide an estimate following an initial consultation to determine your requirements.
We can also provide an estimate after obtaining an idea of its customer's requirements for their product in terms of quantity and pricing.
[Q 6] Do you charge for samples?
[A 6] In principle, we don't charge for producing trial pamples of your product.
[Q 7] How about product design?
[A 7]We can take care of all your requirements in this area, from developing a unique brand name and logo, to designing containers and packaging for your products.
We can also implement and make use of any existing design that your company has already drawn up.
[Q 8] Can you print our design on the container?
[A 8] We propose some containers in accordance with products.
The minimum lot order will be 1,000 units, when you print something on the container.
The minimum lot order will be 3,000 units, when you color container. Also it will take about two month.
In order ways, we can make label (with water-resistance processing). Please consult us.